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Sovereign Native American Indian Coins

The United States Government has recognized over 150 Native American Indian Tribes ranging from the Absentee-Shawnee Tribe of Indians of Oklahoma to the Zuni Tribe of the Zuni Reservation, New Mexico. They have been granted the tribal right of self-governance, with the ability to set their own priorities and goals for the welfare of their nations. One of these rights, that has only recently been exercised, is the issuance of coins.

The Sovereign Nation of the Shawnee Tribe (Oklahoma), recognized by the United States under the Shawnee Tribe Status Act of 2000, authorized the historic first American Indian coins - featuring Shawnee heroes Chief Tecumseh and his brother Tenskwatawa, "The Prophet." These were followed by coins picturing Lewis and Clark, and the Indians who guided them.

In 2004, Tribal Chairman Eddie L. Tullis authorized the issuance coins to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of Recognition of the Sovereign Nation of Poarch Creek Indians by the United States. These coins feature notable Tribal members such as Chief Menawa and Tchow-ee-pu-kaw, as well as enthusiastic Pow-Wow dancers.

2002 Shawnee Indian Coins
Chief "Shooting Star" Tecumseh (Silver)
Tenskwatawa "The Prophet" (Gold)
2003 Shawnee Indian Coins
Lewis, Clark & Drouillard
George Drouillard "Sign Talker"
2004 Shawnee Indian Coins
Expedition of Discovery
President Jefferson and Indian Chief (Silver)
Sacagawea with her child and horse (Gold)

2005 Shawnee Indian Coins
Expedition of Discovery
Lewis and Clark in Canoe (Silver)
Sacagawea on Horseback (Gold)
2006 Shawnee Indian Coins
Prophet Tenskwatawa (Silver)
Tecumseh (Gold)
2007 Shawnee Indian Coins
Battle of the Wabash (Silver)
Chief Blue Jacket (Gold)

2008 Shawnee Indian Coins
Battle of Point Pleasant (Silver)
Chief Cornstalk (Gold)
2009 Shawnee Indian Coins
Battle of Fallen Timber (Silver)
Chief Black Hoof (Gold)
2010 Shawnee Indian Coins
Trail of Tears (Silver)
Chief Cheeseekau (Gold)

2004 Poarch Creek Indian Coins
2005 Poarch Creek Indian Coins
Chief Menawa (Silver)
Chief Hopothle Mico &
George Washington (Gold)

2006 Poarch Creek Indian Coins

Chief Tomochichi (Silver)
Chief Stee-chaco-me-co (Gold)

2004 Poarch Creek Indian Coin
2005 Poarch Creek Indian Coin
2006 Poarch Creek Indian Coin

2005 Shawnee Indian Coins
Chief Opothle Yoholo (Silver)
Chief Calvin McGhee (Gold)
2007 Pow-wow Poarch Creek Indian Coin


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Price: $378.00
Metal: Gold Denomination: $5
Weight: 1/5 oz
Purity: .999 Grade: Proof

Price: $65.00
Metal: Silver Denomination: $1
Weight: 1 oz Mintage: 50,000 maximum
Purity: .999 Grade: BU

Price: $79.00
Metal: Silver Denomination: $1
Weight: 1 oz Mintage: 20,000 maximum
Purity: .999 Grade: Proof
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